Enjoy all the benefits of buying online with MYBOX Express, even return all the items you want if you are not completely satisfied, no matter the reason.




Unique Returns

Unique Returns

Prepaid Returns

Prepaid Returns

Suscription – Unlimited Returns for 6 months:

  • Duration: 6 months.
  • Quantity of Returns: unlimited.
  • Weight limit: 10 pounds per package.
  • Necesary documentation: Return label, Commercial invoice, Tracking number.
  • The package must have benn shipped by Mybox Express.
  • Trasit time 20-30 business days.
  • A single payment of $60.00.

 Unique Returns:

  • Limit dimensions: 40 inches.
  • Necesary documentation: Return label, Commercial invoice.
  • Trasit time 20-30 business days.
  • From: $20.00
  • Cost: Rate acoording to package weight.
  • Additional cost: $0.99 package insurance.

 Prepaid Retunrs:

  • Weight limit: 10 pounds.
  • Necesary documentation: Return label, Commercial invoice, Tracking number.
  • Trasit time 20-30 business days.
  • Only for purchases made by Mybox Express in branch.
  • Cost: $2.99 for packages under $50.00 in value/ $5.99 for packages greater that $50.00 in value.

Returning is that easy:

You must contact the provider to request return authorization. Once you receive the Label Return , you must bring the package in his box, and your purchase order to any of our Mybox Express store. It is important to have in mind that you must have 20 working days free to be able to make the return.

You must enter the web page of your supplier, access your account (user), enter your orders , and select the purchase you wish to return by requesting a refund. Each provider works with a different system but they are all similar. In case of any question you can communicate with customer service to advise you on everything you need.

The supplier in general gives the customer 30 days to make the return to their warehouses from the day the purchase was made, but you can always call to request an extension if necessary. Each provider has their return policies and you should consult them on their website for any questions.

Mybox requets that the client  must have 20 free days to make the return, so that the package arrives on time to the supplier.

The packages can have a maximum weight of 10 pounds (exceeding that weight the pound has an additional cost). The package can not exceed 40 “in any of its measures, otherwise you should consult Mybox customer service to advise.

  • All returns require a return authorization (Label Return) issued by the supplier (original seller). If the provider does not approve the return, Mybox Express will not return your item.
  • The customer is required to obtain the return authorization and provide Mybox Express with a copy of it, in addition to providing an approved return address and a valid telephone number in the United States.
  • The client must present the package, as well as all the necessary documentation, in a Mybox Express store to return the item to the supplier, at least 20 days before the expiration date of the return authorization.
  • The supplier is the one who reimburses the cost of the product to the customer, not Mybox Express.
  • In some cases, the provider will not refund the original shipping costs within the United States, but will only reimburse the cost of the item (object of return); Mybox Express will not be responsible for the non-reimbursement of any corresponding partial amount by the provider.
  • Due to shipping restrictions, Mybox Express will not be able to process items considered hazardous materials or other restricted products, due to air transportation regulations. It is important to corroborate that the article does not have additional restrictions to process the return (see list of Restricted Merchandise).
  • Only applies for returns from Panama to the United States. (Must match tracking number, order details and MBX invoice).
  • Applies for packages of maximum 10 pounds of weight (the extra pound has a cost).
  • No dimension of the package should exceed 40 inches.
  • You must have 20 days prior to the expiration date to make the return through our service.
  • You must have Label Return.
  • Mybox Express reserves the right to return the package to the supplier or reimburse the customer for the declared value of the product.