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    Welcome to Mybox Express. It is a pleasure that you chose us to provide our parcel services from Miami to your door. Mybox Express offers you the best solution for your online purchases and related services.

    Mybox Express is a subsidiary of Mybox Logistic S.A., a company registered in the Republic of Panama and represented by Mybox USA LLC in the State of Florida, United State. By browsing, registering or using our services through our website , our APP, or any platform, and / or our company, you accept all the terms and conditions of use in this agreement.

    Mybox Express reserves the right to refuse or discontinue our service to any person for any reason it believes to be valid. It also reserves the right to cancel or modify each and every one of the services offered without prior notice.


    When you use any of our services on our website or our APP, or any platform, you will be responsible for maintaining confidentiality, your account number, and password. Also restrict access to your computer, and accept all responsibility for all activities that occur in your account or with your password. You are responsible for the accuracy of the data and information sent by any means to MYBOX EXPRESS, as well as not keeping the information updated and complete. The service offered by our company is offered only to people over 18 years of age.


    Mybox Express complies with all applicable laws of the United States of America and the destination countries. To allow such compliance, you agree to provide Mybox Express with legal and accurate information about your name, address, telephone number, email and payment information when necessary. You, the Consumer, also accept:

    • Mybox Express is governed by US security regulations. When processing and preparing material to be shipped by air, including transportation of Dangerous Goods, this may incur additional costs.
    • Do not send restricted or prohibited articles.
    • Authorizes Mybox Express to review and inspect all shipments, packages and freight.
    • Guarantee all pays and any additional permit required by legislation on imports of specific items, as required by local authorities.
    • You are solely responsible for paying any tax, fee, charge or fine imposed by the customs authorities at the origin or destination, due to the incorrect declaration of value, or any penalty charged by the authorities for falsifying information or sending of prohibited articles.


    Mybox Express has at least 24 hours to register the packages received in Miami to the account of each user. However, the packages could be retained for up to sixty (60) days due to, but not limited to, accounts that have not been paid, non-payment, additional preparation for the shipping process, or receipt of shipments with errors in the name, address and / or consumer request. Mybox Express reserves the right to destroy or dispose, at its own discretion, of any shipment that has not been claimed or that has been stored for more than sixty (60) days in our Miami warehouse, or the Mybox Express facility in the destination country.

    Mybox Express reserves the right to refuse receipt of shipments; if it is proven that they have been opened, handled or damaged before their arrival. Mybox Express does not carry cash, drugs or other prohibited items.

    Mybox Express is responsible for reporting these violations to the appropriate government authorities. MYBOX EXPRESS is not responsible for the delays that may have the airlines or carriers that transport postal mail.

    Any item that is considered dangerous, or whose dimensions in any of the measures of the package are greater than 40 inches, will have additional costs. These costs are not reflected in the Mybox Express rates, so a quote will be provided to the client.

    Any oversize package (any of its measurements exceeding 40 inches), will not be registered immediately. An email will be sent to the client notifying him, if the package can be transported by air, or it should be transported by sea. Likewise, the customer must confirm in this same way, to proceed with the registration of their package, and then transport it to their destination country. In case the oversize package is badly packed, the customer can request the repacking of the package at a cost of $ 35. Likewise, Mybox Express reserves the right not to carry out the international air transport of the same, if the product is not properly packed, and the client does not wish to carry out the repackaging.

    In the event that a package has been lost in our warehouse in Miami, and it has been delivered by DHL, UPS, or FedEx, and there is proof of delivery with the signature of received by any of the authorized agents of our warehouses, Mybox Express will be responsible for the cost of it. The client must make the claim informing the case to the email , and send the necessary documentation as a purchase invoice with details of the product (s), and tracking number. Mybox Express will have 30 days to make the necessary inquiries to answer the customer.

    The signatures authorized to receive in our warehouses are:

    • Luis Rodriguez

    • Fernando Valverde

    • Jeyson Giron

    • Gabriela Rodriguez

    • Nini Rodriguez

    • Antonio Rodriguez

    Mybox Express will not take charge in the cases that the packages have been delivered by USPS, and Amazon Logistic because their delivery system does not scan each package individually when delivering them, so Mybox Express has no way of confirm if the package was indeed delivered to our warehouses. The customer must make the claim with their provider.

    You can choose to consolidate your packages and send them in a maximum period of 30 days, applies only to maritime shipments. To consolidate your packages you must place the address of our warehouses in Miami, at the time of making the purchase with your supplier, with the abbreviations MAR (before to place the user number). Mybox Express reserves the right to send your packages. In the case that the packages remain more than 30 days stored in Miami, you will have to pay the storage cost according to the current rates of said service. MYBOX EXPRESS reserves the right not to consolidate packages and send them in the manner it deems appropriate. It will be the responsibility of the consignee the payment of the shipments that are generated from the impossibility to consolidate. When using the consolidation service, the client accepts that the final weight of the postal order may vary due to the inclusion of additional packaging to enable the consolidation of one or several purchases in a single or several packages (packages).

    Mybox Express reserves the right to assign a market value to any item that arrives without your commercial invoice when inspecting the packages in our warehouse in Miami.

    Mybox Express makes the air and sea shipments to the destination country, including the customs service and delivery to the customer.  


    Mybox Express provides cargo insurance for all air shipments. The insurance covers up to a maximum of five hundred American dollars (US $ 500), and a deductible of fifty dollars (US $ 50) applies, If you decide to keep the damaged product, a hundred dollars ($ 100) deductible applies.

    If you decide to keep the damaged product, a hundred dollars ($ 100) deductible applies. The insurance only covers in case the package suffers damages caused by the bad handling of the packages while they are transported to the door of the client’s address, or until the moment the client withdraws his packages in our store. The insurance does not cover damage to the items or damage to the factory. The insurance does not cover items that are not properly packaged or protected.

    The client can request additional insurance in case the shipment has a cost higher than five hundred American dollars (US $ 500). The client must request the insurance before sending it.

    The insurance does not apply for oversize packages (any of its measures exceeding 40 inches). The insurance does not apply to parts of vehicles that are oversize, such as fenders, doors, spare parts, among others.


    You can pay for different payment methods available that Mybox Express accepts.

    Mybox Express reserves the right to modify its rates when necessary and without prior notice.

    Mybox reserves the right not to deliver customer packages that maintain unpaid bills. The client must cancel the shipping cost at the moment of withdrawing their packages at the store. If the customer receives their packages at home, the cost of the shipment must be paid before delivery. In case you register your credit card in our system for automatic collections you should keep the same information updated at all times.

    Mybox Express will carry out all the necessary steps to remove the items from Customs, without prior authorization from the consumer. Any package, whose cost is greater than one hundred dollars ($ 100), will have a customs handling.

    Package whose merchandise requires a special procedure will have an additional cost.

    Package, whose dimensions exceed 40 inches on one of its sides, will have a cost for oversize.

    Every package has a cost of Box Pack.

    Each region has a different box pack cost.The box pack applies for air shipments and returns. It does not apply for maritime shipments.

    The cost of freight is based on the weight of each package. The weight of the packages is charged in round numbers. A minimum of one (1) pound will be charged. From one (1) pound the weight is rounded up, meaning that if a package weighs 1.01 and upwards it will be charged on the basis of two (2) pounds.

    Our prices do not include ITBMS.

    The packages that arrive at our address in Miami on behalf of the customer and with your account number (PTY), must pay the shipping costs to your destination country, and will be subject to additional charges depending on the content of the same and subject to local laws of the country of destination.


    Mybox Express offers free home delivery service for air shipments within the metropolitan area. The customer must register their credit card in our system to make the automatic payments, or must make the payment of the shipping cost prior to making the delivery. If this is the first time you receive a package, you should contact customer service at to request home delivery. Once you request the home delivery service as a preference, you do not need to re-notify it.The customer can change the delivery address, as long as he notifies via email to The change of address will be made 3 business days after being requested. The change of address applies for reasons of moving, or change of workplace.


    Mybox Express could offer promotions, discounts and / or coupons to its customers through the account of each client. Each promotion, discount and / or coupon, may have specific additional terms and conditions, but none of these can be combined, nor used more than one at a time. It is forbidden the multiple uses of promotions, discounts and individual coupons by a consumer, either through the duplication of orders or accounts will be canceled immediately.

    Mybox Express reserves the right to immediately suspend any promotion, discount or coupon without incurring any liability, when fraudulent actions are detected.


    Mybox Express works to provide a satisfactory service for all its customers. If you will not be able to resolve a situation satisfactorily, please write us an email to . Our main office is located in Miami, Florida, 7750 NW 46TH Street, United States, and our jurisdiction under the law is that of Miami-Dade County in Florida.


    All logos, graphics, services, or names of services, scripts, hosted content, buttons, images, and related icons on our website, our APP, or any plataform, social media or made available through any service provided by Mybox Express, are the exclusive property of Mybox Express and represent the commercial image of the company, so they are protected by the internal laws of the United States of America intellectual property. The use of the brand or commercial image of Mybox Express is forbidden in any form that could cause confusion among customers or that could disparage or discredit Mybox Express. Registered trademarks that are not owned by Mybox Express and that are available through the services of Mybox Express, links, or related belong to their respective owners who may or may not be related or affiliated in any way or sponsored by Mybox Express


    Mybox Express reserves the right without prior notice to cancel any service, any account, delete or edit content, thus canceling your access to part or all of the website. As well as to refuse to receive packages, or cancel orders at your own discretion. If there is any suspicion that any account has a conduct contrary to the Terms of Use set forth herein.

    For your part you can cancel your account when you have it, as long as you do not have invoices pending payment of services provided by Mybox Express.


    Mybox Express offers two (2) ways to return your packages to the United States. One is through a single rate of returns and the other is through an unlimited returns subscription. All returns require a return authorization (Label Return) issued by the supplier (original seller).If the provider does not approve the return, Mybox Express will not return your item.

    The subscription of unlimited returns applies to accounts of natural persons only. It does not apply to the account of legal persons, or accounts of natural persons that are used for commercial purposes.

    General conditions for the return:

    The customer must present the package at a Mybox Express branch in Panama City, with its box, invoice, and return label. In case of delivering the package at a Mybox Express branch outside the city, the customer must pay the shipping cost to the San Francisco Mybox branch. In case the customer does not bring the product with their package, it will be charged at a rate of $ 5.00 in packaging.

    You must have at least 20 business days prior to the expiration date of the return authorization. While most providers grant extensions, it will be the client’s responsibility to request and process the required extension directly with the provider. Mybox Express is not responsible for delays of the airlines used for the return of packages and is not responsible if the supplier does not accept the return of the package for whatever reason. In case the client wants to return the package to Panama or change the product, the cost of the new shipment from USA to PTY will have the regular cost.

    The supplier is the one who reimburses the cost of the product to the customer, not Mybox Express.

    In some cases, the provider will not refund the original shipping costs within the United States, but will only reimburse the cost of the item (object of return); Mybox Express will not be responsible for the non-reimbursement of any corresponding partial amount by the provider. Mybox Express will not refund the cost of shipping from the USA to Panama.

    Due to shipping restrictions, Mybox Express will not be able to process items considered hazardous materials or other restricted products, due to air transportation regulations. It is important to corroborate that the article does not have additional restrictions to process the return (see list of Restricted Merchandise).

    Mybox Express reserves the right not to return items for the reason it believes is valid. No dimension of the package can exceed 40 inches.

    Exclusive conditions of the Unlimited Returns:

    Subscription All packages to be returned must have been brought with Mybox Express:

    Therefore, the client must provide the tracking number of the package to be returned. Otherwise, the customer must pay the cost of shipping to the USA according to the single tariff of returns.If you register within the first 15 days of the month, the subscription will take effect in that month. In case you register from the 16th day onward, the subscription will take effect as of next month.

    The payment of the subscription is made only once, and you can choose to take it for six (6) months or one (1) year. Exclusive conditions for a single rate of refunds The cost of the return is based on the weight of the package to be returned.

    The customer can return a package that has not been brought with Mybox Express, but this must have its return label.


    Mybox Express is committed to offering a high quality service and excellence to its customers, so it offers a customer service through different routes such as telephone, chat on our website, chat via whatsapp, and email. You agree to receive electronic communications from us in order to provide a good service, and transmit news, promotions, notices, new services, and any type of communication