Company Policies

  • You must register only once.
  • You are responsible for identifying your shipments with the client number (#PTY) that Mybox Express assigns you upon completing your registration , if you fail to include your PTY number, your shipments may be delayed or lost and you will be charged $1.50 (USD) to cover handling.
  • To obtain the benefit of office and home delivery, you must register your credit card with Mybox Express. We will not charge the credit card on file without the costumer’s authorization.
  • Once check, cash, or ACH payments have been completed, costumers must notify Mybox Express by email so we can complete your order and ship your packages.
  • Once you have received your package, please verify that your merchandise is in perfect condition. If your have received an item that appears to be damaged, you must notify Mybox Express within 12 hours.

Insurance Policies

  • Mybox Express has insurance for your packages up to us$500, with a deductible of 50$.
  • If the item shipped has a higher value than $500 (USD), and you wish to insure that item, please send us an email notifying us of the value. Costumers will be charged an extra fee.
  • Rules and restrictions apply to the Mybox Express insurance. Please contact us for details.
  • Mybox Express is not responsible for broken or damaged packages that arrive to the Miami warehouse.
  • Mybox Express is not responsible for any damage cause by the seller’s mishandling of products.