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Our Services

Air Freight

With our air freight service you can make online purchases and receive your shipments quickly, effectively, and at a competitive rate.

Ocean Freight

Our ocean freight services are designed for large and heavyweight freight, delivered within 10 business days and at a low cost.

Corporate Plans

We offer corporate plans, which include special rates and covers logistics, customs, international and local transport for all types of merchandise.

Home and Office Delivery

We delivery your packages at home or office quickly, registering the delivery time and name of the person who receives in our system.

Email Notifications

We send automatic email notifications that keep you up-to-date on your shipments, from its arrival to our warehouse in Miami to its transport to Panama.

Automatic Payments

For your convenience we offer automatic payments, making it easier to pay using your credit card.

Monthly Plans

We offer our frequent clients a monthly plan that provides additional benefits such as free insurance coverage and lower rates.


Through your account with Mybox Express you can track your shipments.

Courier Services

We offer secure and effective international courier services for documents and freight, via DHL, FedEx, and Copa Courier, at competitive rates.


We created an online portal where you can access tracking information, billing statements, make payments, personalize your account, and more.